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Teacher Profile

Mr. Sid L. Veloria holds two California credentials and has over ten years teaching art in the field as an emerging Bay Area artist and educator.  A gifted, talented, and an experienced artist, Sid shows that confident attitude with his students.  He continues to portfolio build, commission, exhibit, and contribute as an emerging Bay Area fine artist who actively supports art in the classroom and in the field.  His educational background includes Undergraduate work at SJSU and additional post-graduate work at UCSC and Stanford in Education.  He is trained in the styles of the traditional Academic, Mannerism, Atelier, Classical, and Realism art movements.  He specializes in Portraiture and Conceptual Art, and excels in Oil Paints, Graphite, and Charcoal Mediums.  His greatest art inspiration is Frida Kahlo. To his own right, Sid is a committed and inspired children's book author and illustrator.

He is also founder of a small private charitable group that helps and continues to support and raise funds for Cancer Research at Stanford. Away from teaching, Sid also gives to support programs in Literacy, Culture, Youth Programs, and Community Services. "I believe in giving back to the community because I never had that outreach or support growing up", Sid reflects. Besides art, Sid enjoys playing the guitar, running, basketball and playing football. He also loves spending time with his two dogs named Calli and Clio.   

"If you know Sid the way I know him, you will be humbled.  He is very conscientious and unselfish, and shares an honest connection to those who are the same.  I had asked Sid once before about his involvement helping with feeding the homeless around the Bay Area and he asked if I wanted to see what it is all about.  Over the holidays, we did several activities together, one was prepping brown bags to pass out at downtown San Jose and another was helping out at a church kitchen sorting food for homeless people around the community.  Already I can see why Sid is so special.  We were passing out brown bags to the homeless communities around San Jose and one particular moment I remember the most was when we met a younger homeless mother with two children.  It's my first time around with him, he goes up to the mother and pleasantly greets her and lets her know to be strong and gives her 4 brown bags.  He goes up to her sons, who are about 5 and 7 years old, and starts throwing a football around that they were holding.  The mother and I look at them together and I can see something in her eyes and told me they never felt like that in a long while.  Sid was just playing with them, running around, and I noticed they wrapped their arms around him.  I had asked Sid why the little boys did that.  'Oh well, I just told them that one day they will need to get their mom out of the streets and do good', Sid says with a smile. It was a humbling experience for me."  -A.R.

"I have had the opportunity to know Sid at a more personal level over the years.  He has always shown to be very respectful when we have discussions about all things.  The most stimulating thing I noticed about Sid is that he talks from his heart and is very sensible.  I was able to understand where he came from, his struggles, and the things he never had.  I know his struggles and it continues to inspire and make him the strong and confident leader he is today and I cheer for him with all my heart.  I know he teaches art, but Sid also teaches the values of leadership.  I believe in Sid's impact, character, and what he stands for and my daughter is in good hands with him there to support her in everything she does." -S.S.