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2019 Summer Schedule

2019 Summer Schedule 

For ages 7 and up. Spaces are limited so enroll and register for art classes today! Please ask for details. 

Quick Glance Summer Schedule:

Basketweaving                                                                      Children's Book Author and Illustrator

June 10-14, 900-1130am, $200                                            June 10-14, 1230-330pm, $200

Cartooning Basics                                                                 Clay Basics

June 24-28, 900-1130am, $200                                            June 24-28, 1230-330pm, $200

Clay Basics                                                                            Basketweaving

July 8-12, 900-1130am, $200                                                July 8-12, 1230-330pm, $200

Children's Book Author and Illustrator                                   Cartooning Basics

July 22-26, 900-1130am, $200                                              July 22-26, 1230-330pm, $200


$200 per session

Learn the art of basketmaking using yarn, raffia, and twine. Create beautiful baskets using ribbons, beads, buttons and other found fun decorations!

Clay Basics

$200 per session

Come and have fun with clay! Learn basic hand building and clay joining techniques to create exciting and fun clay sculptures. We will be using colored clay to create many sculptures from simple food to animal clay figures. Come play with clay!

Young Children’s Book Author and Illustrator

$200 per session

If you love reading, writing, and art, then this class is for you! Learn to become a young author, illustrator and self publish your own book. Enjoy writing many wonderful stories using story structure and drawing many colorful illustrations. Self publish your book, share, and read aloud to family and friends!

Cartooning Basics

$200 per session

Learn cartooning basics to help you create fantastic characters. Understand lettering techniques, character building using shapes, and animation concepts to achieve incredible illustrations! We will look at character themes from superheroes, Disney, Pixar, and Coco. We will be using color pencils, inking techniques, and watercolor mediums.