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Billing Information and Policies


Billing Invoices will be sent via email prior to the due date, first week of the month.  There is a $15 late fee charge, so please note that management will refuse your child to class and materials withheld, forfeit all missed classes for the month (no credit), or no further enrollment until paid. In doing so, ATS will consider dropping you from enrollment entirely.  Accepted forms of payment: cash, check (payable to Art Time Studios) and Credit Card (Discover, Visa, and Mastercard).  All requests for automated payment will be simply applied and processed.  Please let management know of any updated cc information to avoid further issues.  For your convenience, Art Time Studios management will work with you regarding any studio policies and procedures.  Download Enrollment Forms!

Enrollment Policies

New enrollments will undergo interview and review process prior to acceptance of enrollment. For any reasons, you are discontinuing enrollment or being away for an extended amount of time, you must officially inform Art Time Studio Management before receiving your billing invoice to avoid any billing discrepancies. You will forfeit any missed classes and continue with as a new start enrollment with normal charged fees.  Latest to do so, is the last week before the new month otherwise, you will be charged and be responsible for the billing statement for the new month.  Again, it will be your responsibility to let us know your schedule ahead of time and honor our policies.  Classes cannot be held to save a spot and will be automatically dropped, so you will need to ask for availability for future enrollment.

Make-Ups or Missed Classes

You must call, email, or arrange for any makeup classes ahead of time. There is limited space and teacher convenience is limited, so expect for accommodations for unscheduled classes to NOT be accepted.  So please always schedule a make up classes in advance.  Please note, adjustments will be made to roll-over any missed classes towards the next monthly billing period.  Please understand classes are officially supervised at their scheduled times, any supervision beyond these timings are not encouraged and will only be looked at as an inconvenience to ATS personal time and space, and is expected that students be left to work independently.  Please use scheduled class timings well to avoid inconveniences. Please make a special note, there are no classes on the 5th week of every month.  "NO SCHEDULED CLASS, 5th Week" is when there will be NO regularly scheduled class(es) due to the fifth week or class(es) at the ending week of the months that apply throughout the year.  Tuition will be automatically applied for 4 typical classes monthly, unless noted.  In short, monthly tuition are charged for 4 classes, instead of 5 and thus NO CLASS or NO 5th Week will be scheduled.  Please look out for this notification on sent invoices via email, website sidebar, or studio announcements.

Studio Management Notables

Art Time Studio does not take responsibility for your child(s) actions unrelated to teaching or learning of art during studio time.  Classes are curriculum goal specific and self-directed without the burden of a strict environment, however it is expected for students to be held accountable and follow a Code of Conduct which consists of the Big 3:  Be Responsible, Be Safe, and Be Respectful.  If they misbehave, management will initiate contact with parent and or guardian.  Studio rules, responsibilities, and student expectations are posted on the studio and are to be followed at all times.  It will need to be honored and respected with any basic directions given by the teacher.  If problems continue in any inappropriate way during studio class time, teacher reserves the authority to ask that your child/student be immediately removed from class entirely with no refunds on any leftover classes or materials.  Students are reminded to act right and monitor their behaviors themselves without burdening the teacher to enforce strict disciplinary actions.  The goal of ATS art program is to support long term teaching of fundamental learning of the visual arts, therefore any conflicting and discipline issues from these learning goals are NOT welcomed and tolerated!  Impacting art achievements, students are consistently evaluated for long term benchmark visual arts standardized goals in 4 areas:  Knowledge, Habits of Mind, Communication Skills, and Habits of Work.  A detailed outline is available for review.  For their safety, we ask students to stay indoors after class to await pickup, so please help us in reminding them.  Please help in reminding them of their weekly expected student responsibilities and conduct, and please play an active role in their students responsibilities and art achievement.  We proudly continue to teach highly motivated and serious students who desire learning and achievements in the visual arts. Again, thank you for your business, support, and for choosing Art Time Studios!

Discount Specials

Please ask about our Referral Discount, Multiple Class Discount, Open Studio Discount, Family Discount Specials, and Artist Of The Month (free month tuition)!

Artist Of The Month

The Artist Of The Month will receive free tuition for the following month.  This student is chosen for their effort, model behavior, skill achievement, and overall positive expectations performed in class.  Artist Of The Month will also receive free tuition for the following month.

Art Commissions

Art Time Studios also offers quality art service commissions.  Commissioned artwork will only be done in charcoal, pastel, graphite, or oil painting mediums.  The rates will be priced according to size, difficulty, and medium used.  Although service is offered for portrait commissions, proposal can be done and arranged in any other themes.  Please inquire within.

For more information, contact:

Phone: (408) 520-4204

Email: arttimestudiosinfo@gmail.com