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Art Auction at ATS!

Art Auction

This art auction is created to support promising and talented artists who create art to help raise funds or awareness for their local communities.  Artist participants understand the process and are involved in their community service where any sale of art will go to proceeds of their charitable organizations.  Artworks features themes, concepts, art mediums, collaborations, or guest artists of different concentrations so there are many choices to choose from.  Minimum bids open at $75.00.  If you are interested in any artworks below, please make a bid and help support them! 









Artworks come matted and framed.  Prints are also available!


How does it work?  

1.  Browse and select the artwork(s) of your choice.

2.  Contact via email (arttimestudiosinfo@gmail.com, MEMO: ART AUCTION ITEM #) and make or initiate a starting bid or inquiries with selected artwork(s).  (Minimum bid opens at $75.00)

3.  A deadline will be set on multiple and pending offers will be processed pertaining to the artwork(s).

4.  After winning confirmation approval of your bid, please follow any instructions regarding bid money and forms for the artwork(s) and organizational proceeds to be filled.  We are only accepting local bids so local pick-up only.