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About Us and Testimonials

About Us

Since 2010, we are an emerging and competitive art instruction school located in the South Bay Area that provides quality instruction to students ages eight to adult, all year round.  We offer a Visual Art Standards Curriculum, student portfolios, evaluation practices, art shows, art contest opportunities, and generate art commission opportunities! 

Under one main teacher, Art instruction is structured within the visual arts curriculum standards and is modeled accordingly through a differentiated and guided instruction teaching style.  Understanding strong art fundamentals, techniques, problem solving concepts, and applications are taught and focused.  We proudly welcome students of beginning to advanced levels but seek highly motivated and serious students who desire achievements in the visual arts.  All of our classes are 2 hours long and open five days of the week. 

Classes are taught by Mr. Sid L. Veloria, who is a fully multi-credentialed teacher with over ten years of experience in the art field as an emerging Bay Area artist and educator.  Incredibly talented and confident, his experience to guide and help students grow creatively in a safe and nurturing environment comes highly recommended.  Although his classes are fun, he requires a lot of hard work as he has high expectations for all of his students to become motivated, serious, and terrific young artists!


"Sid is unbelievable!  His students just know him from class, his colleagues just know him from work, his community just know him as another helper, but behind all those layers is a leader that needs to be recognized. Our literacy programs are impacted in the area because he made it happen so everyone else can benefit from his curriculum development.  Our inner city youth are impacted because he helped mentor to lead them to success through literacy.  Sid is strong minded, works harder than everyone else and he's driven." 

-Community Outreach, Oakland-Berkeley

"Sid's adult art class is the best!  The atmosphere is quite relaxing and focused.  I've been searching for a good art teacher for the longest time and found him through an acquaintance of mine whose daughter loves to go to him for art class.  I haven't known him that long yet but and all the adult students he has tell me the same thing I've been hearing, he's the best!  Sid is very patient, and has the confidence to adapt to any art situation, its incredible.  The last instructor I had, or many I should say, lacked the confidence to do what I wanted to do, yet Sid would optimize plans and goals specific to what I wanted.  His teaching style is very detailed and explains techniques with such depth, I've learned so much in such a short time.  He literally, can fix any art mistakes, its unreal.  Other instructors, I feel don't want to share their experiences or so called secrets, and its frustrating.  Sid's teaching alone exceeds 5 stars, and I've been hearing he helps the community do good things.  Sid is outstanding, I can only expect greater and unselfish things from him!" 

-Student Support

"We are all very blessed to have Sid.  He is extremely conscientious and selfless.  My daughter was having a tough day in school and she wanted to come to art class that day because she wanted to see Sid because he could make her feel better.  So we had to have art class early for her and he gladly accommodated. After class, I see nothing but a big bright smile from her.  My daughter told me that they created and drew a story together, she showed it to me and I was stunned.  It was a wonderful drawing but what made it extremely special was that Sid taught her how to communicate her feelings into a positive way.  Again, Sid is a blessing." 

-Parent Support  

"Sid has said before that he feels like he's raising over a 100 girls in class.  All ages, all grades, all levels, and all different personalities.  I totally believe him, but if anyone can handle that, Sid can.  He is unique and special in many ways!'  -Volunteer Support

"Sid's presence and confidence are off the charts!  He commands a great deal of diligence and leadership."  

-Parent Support

"I appreciate how teacher Sid gives a wide variety of art worksheets as a weekly routine in his classes with the younger students.  There are no other art studios that do this and my daughter has already learned many concepts, techniques, and vocabulary alone in such a short time."  

-Parent Support

"Working along with Sid is amazing.  He makes everything look so easy and I cannot comprehend his energy level and how hard he really works.  He takes the time to coach me and teach me about my strengths and weaknesses.  He is a supportive and dynamic leader and am fortunate to follow his every lead.  I'm very thankful for being around someone like Sid." 

-Volunteer Support

"Sid does a great job of handling and managing his students personalities with honesty.  I like the fact that he is gentle and then in an instant can be firm when he needs to be.  Sid is a strong classroom manager and leader."  

-Parent Support

"Sid does all the little things confidently.  His students have no idea the immense pressure it takes to run a business and teach in such a competitive environment in the Silicon Valley.  He does it all by himself, its quite impressive."  

-Parent Support

"Students don't really understand how fortunate and lucky they have Sid as their teacher.  They don't realize he is more than a teacher, he is a leader and gives back to the community.  His impact goes beyond the studio and classroom."  

-Parent, Student, and Volunteer Support

"My six year old daughter loves going to Sid's art class!  I remember one day when he was showing her how to color by gently pressing it on the palm of her hand.  She was giggling because it tickled her, yet I understood that Sid was teaching her how to control the pressure of her color pencils when she wants to get darker or brighter colors.  When I saw her apply what Sid taught her on her drawing in front of my eyes, it was amazing!"  

-Parent Support

"Sid is an awesome teacher.  I'm a raging teenager but he teaches me a great deal of managing responsibility, confidence, and effort in a time where I really needed it.  He expects me to be a leader and I feel good knowing he thinks that of me."  

-Student Support

"Besides art, Sid takes the time and energy to teach students about the value of leadership and accountability in class.  That is unbelievable to me." 

-Parent Support